Friday, May 11, 2012


Phew, this week has been crazy, hence the lack of blogging.  Tuesday was a great first day of summer, and then things really picked up.  On Wednesday, I started my summer job in the morning, spent time at my grandparents' house in the afternoon, went to see The Hunger Games (excellent!) and to Olive Garden with my other grandma (that salad and those breadsticks never get old), and went to the gym for some cardio that night, and yesterday I had a full day of work.

Today was another busy one, but also really fun.  I baby-sat a ten year old while simultaneously doing some work and running errands.  Multitasking!

Mother's Day is approaching, so we had some arts and crafts time.

Then we had to go to a muffler shop for some work on my car.  Don't these candy machines just make you happy?  The simple things.  I gave the girl I was watching a quarter so she could get some candy - she was so patient and read her book and played on her iPod while we were waiting, and I worked on typing a document for work.

Everyone at the muffler shop was so nice and friendly!  I even managed to do some networking.  And one customer came in with his pet snake hanging out around his neck!  Check out this sweet car that one of the other customers brought in:

It's a '68 Pontiac Bonneville.  I learned to drive on a Bonneville, but I can assure you it did NOT look like that.  It was a great car, but one of my dad's friends nicknamed it "The Marshmallow" because it was white and rather large and puffy :)

After the muffler shop, we ran some more errands and then went to the mall for some lunch and shopping.  I had the best lunch - a chicken pesto crepe and a fresh juice (carrots, beets, cucumber).  So good.  I could easily eat crepes every day.

Shopping with a ten year old = lots of bright colors and sparkles.

It also means fun things like scented markers!!!  They're back and apparently better than ever - there were so many options!  Scented pens, markers, pencils, even highlighters.  I'm going to have to keep those in mind for back-to-school shopping next year...  And they weren't just in kids' stores - they were in American Greetings and Papyrus, too!

I did get some grown-up things... even though I was not planning to buy anything.  I can never resist a great deal!!  I'll post pictures soon of what I got.  The girl I was watching was a great shopping buddy.

Our errands and shopping wore us out, so we turned on a movie when we got back.  Recognize this image?

Matilda!  One of my all-time favorites.  I never get tired of it.

I ended the night spending time with family and friends at my grandparents' house.  Unfortunately mall-walking was pretty much my only exercise today, but tomorrow I should be able to get in a quality workout.

Hope you all had a good week!

Song of the day:

"Good Girl" by Carrie Underwood.

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