Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Workin' at the Car Wash

Hey everyone, how's your day going?  I've had a pretty relaxed first day of summer break.  I got up and ate breakfast while watching Live! with Kelly (breaking my rule that I can only watch it at the gym).  But that's okay, because then I did an at-home workout.  I started with a jump rope routine that I originally posted about here.

New jump rope, old school boombox.  I got that boombox in 4th grade, I think, and passed it on to my dad for his work bench in the basement (hence all the dirt/ dust).  But today I took a trip down memory lane and used it to blast some tunes while I did the jump rope workout.  Should have rustled up a Hanson CD to make it more authentic.
Then I did this 10 minute arms workout video:


I used 4 lb weights which I thought might be too light at first, but some of the moves - especially the one-minute isometric hold - were pretty tough.  Phew, I was shaking.  Then I went on a short jog, followed by stretching and foam rolling.  I did the whole workout in 4 different places, and I think switching up the location so much helped it to fly by.  Except for the jump roping parts... those were killer.

I continued my workout (kind of) by washing my car after that.

So stylish, right?  Ha.  I was actually hoping it would start raining while I was washing the car because then I wouldn't have to dry it... that's my least favorite part.  No such luck, but at least my car looks better for it.

Lunch today:

A salad and a taster plate of carrots, hummus, snap peas, and 1/2 an apple.

The salad had spinach, grape tomatoes, yellow bell pepper, sliced almonds, and homemade Italian dressing. Tasty!

This afternoon I baked a loaf of beer bread to take to my grandparents' house for dinner tonight.  It has just a few ingredients (all-purpose flour, white whole wheat flour, sugar, baking powder, salt, a bottle of beer - I used pumpkin ale, and butter) and it's really easy and quick because you don't have to let it rise.  Plus it's delicious.

Off to dinner with the fam.  Have a good night!

Forget-me-nots at my parents' house.  I transplanted one clump into this area  in high school and they've really spread!  Love them.

Song of the day:

"Psycho" by Imelda May.


  1. Thanks for posting the Arms video! I'll have to try that one asap!

    and I laughed at this ------> "I got that boombox in 4th grade, I think, and passed it on to my dad for his work bench in the basement (hence all the dirt/ dust)." the SAME exact thing happened to my boom box that I got freshman year of HS! now on my Dad's work bench! hilarious!

    yummy fresh lunch, and hurray for bread making! I love to bake breads!

    happy Wednesday, Stephanie!

    1. I love those 10-minute videos because they're so easy to fit in, and I think they really are effective!

      That is so hilarious that your dad has your old boombox on his work bench, too - I love it!!

      Hope you're having a great week, GC :)

  2. Beer bread!! COOL! I want to make that! I really want to make Guinness Cake too..

    1. Beer bread is so easy to make, and I've found that it's always a crowd-pleaser! And it's kind of fun to experiment with different types of beer because it can affect the flavor. Um Guinness Cake sounds amazing!!!