Monday, February 6, 2012

Wicked Witch of Cleveland Heights

Today I woke up to bright sunshine!  I was a little scatter-brained this morning, though, because on my way to the gym I almost walked out the door in my t-shirt without a coat or anything.  Wishful thinking.  After one more false start (had to run back up my 3 flights of stairs to grab my iPod and headphones - started my workout early) I made it to the gym in time to watch Live! with Kelly and do the elliptical and stairstepper.  I stopped by the post office to send a birthday present, then showered and had a delicious lunch:

A salad beast a la The Fitnessista!

All mixed up and ready to be devoured.
And yes, that is a mixing bowl.  That scrumptious beast was packed with romaine lettuce, spinach, green bell pepper, cucumber, mushrooms, edamame, artichoke hearts (the best!!), sunflower seeds, hummus, balsamic vinegar, and quinoa.  Absolutely amazing.  I am so, so glad that I tried The Fitnessista's hummus + balsamic combo; it really is to die for.

I had a package waiting for me when I got home from school: 

New, colorful sneaks!  They're only on my table for this picture because they were fresh out the box; I hadn't worn them yet, don't worry.

Don't they look great with these socks?  Very "Wicked Witch," right?  I was wearing these socks under my riding boots today and couldn't wait to try my new shoes on.  Okay, actually I'm just lazy - I'm still wearing this outfit.
I had something else waiting for me when I got home:

Maybe I'm just getting old, but really, Selena Gomez on the cover of Cosmo?  Don't get me wrong, I love Selena (might have just listened to "Who Says") but isn't she kind of young?  And right after Dakota Fanning was on the cover!  I'm not really okay with this.
Well I'm off to heat up leftovers for dinner and watch some TV!  I need to finish a writing assignment for school tomorrow, but Monday night TV is so good that I have to watch it "live."  I look forward to 2 Broke Girls and Hart of Dixie all week.  I watch a lot of shows online, but Monday nights feel like TGIF all over again!  Anyone remember TGIF circa the late 90s/ early 00s?  I was obsessed with Sabrina, Two of a Kind (with MK&A! - Mary-Kate and Ashley for those of you not in the know), Boy Meets World, and Teen Angel, among others.  

Have a great night!


PS Happy birthday to my mom!

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