Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hay is for Horses

Hey everyone!  How's your weekend going?  It felt good to slow down a bit and take things easy today.

Breakfast this morning was a classic bowl of oats - 1/2 cup 1-minute oats mixed with 1 cup boiling water, lots o' cinnamon, a sliced banana, and a spoonful of peanut butter:

Coffee with almond milk and cinnamon on the side, plus some delicious gummy vitamins.  And the 3rd book of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series.  I was so excited to pick it up from the library yesterday!

You know that saying "my eyes were bigger than my stomach"?  Well I think it applies to me in terms of getting new books to read and my ability/ time to actually read them.  And I have more on my Kindle!  Summer reading time.

I had a great lunch today - a big salad with grapes on the sides.

I finished off my huge bag of spinach and added some yellow bell pepper and a leftover chicken breast with apricot sauce from my dinner at Olive Garden earlier in the week, topped with homemade Italian dressing (and some unpictured sliced almonds).

It was delicious and very filling, which was good because I needed the energy to help out with some yard work.

My dad is planting some new grass around the yard and my job was to spread hay over the seeds.  It sounded pretty simple to me, but handling a couple big bales of hay helped me work up a sweat, and left me covered in hay.

**Update:  I was informed at dinner that I was actually spreading straw, not hay.  Very different, apparently!**

I shouldn't have worn my gym clothes for that.  But I figured since I had them on, I might as well go for a jog while I was already dirty.  People probably thought I looked like an escaped farm girl or something.  It was a really nice day so I was happy to be outside instead of in the gym.  I might try to do a few bodyweight strength moves like push-ups and some ab work this evening to round out my workout, though.

As promised, here are my purchases from yesterday.  I got this navy blue shirt from Aeropostale.  I haven't been in that store forever but the girl I was baby-sitting wanted to go in, and I thought this shirt was really cute (and fortunately not obnoxiously emblazoned with the brand name), and when I saw that it was half off, I couldn't resist.  No surprise there!

And I got this maxi dress from J. Crew.  I really didn't think I could pull off a maxi dress (still not sure I can) but I do love the look, so I figured I would try this on.  The girl I was with said that the dress was pretty and convinced me to get it.  Twist my arm, why dontcha?  :)  AND it was a great deal - originally $98, I got it for $32.04 after the sale price and my student discount!  Bargain hunting is just so satisfying.

Time for dinner with my family and then I'll probably get sucked into The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest.  Have a great night!

Song of the day:

"East Harlem" by Beirut.


  1. OH MAN! i loveeeeeeeeee me a good bargain! that maxi dress is adorable too! YES YES YES YOU CAN PULL IT OFF! love it! esp with your hair and that fab belt! Speaking of belts, that's one thing I don't have enough of! I have so many outfits where I think, man, a belt is what I really need to make this perfecto! I guesss I should start saving for belts!

    the salad looks delicious! my mom makes an amazing apricot chicken, and I have posted the recipe here:


    1. Aw thanks, I'm glad you don't think it's ridiculous-looking on me. My belt was a great deal from J. Crew, too! I got it about a year ago for $15, I believe. I was thinking I could use a few colorful belts - maybe from H&M or Forever 21. Thanks for the recipe - that sounds so delicious! Bookmarked :) Happy Sunday to you, too!!!

  2. I think the Maxi dress looks adorable on you! Maybe your bravery will inspire me to try one on!

    1. Thanks Morgan! You should definitely try one on, I think the style would look really cute on you! Plus it's super, super comfy.

  3. LOVE the dress! :) looks great on you! so jealous you got it for $30! I paid full price. ugh

    1. Thanks, Teri - that's sweet of you :) I know, I can't believe what a good deal that was - I got really lucky! But the dress looks amazing on you, so I think it was still worth paying full price!