Saturday, April 7, 2012

Home on the Range

Mother-daughter time = zumba.  Father-daughter time = gun range.

My dad got a new gun for his birthday, so I went with him to try it out.  Wild Friday night, haha.

This morning I planned to get up and go to a spin class, but I was really exhausted and decided to sleep in instead.  I'm actually glad I did because I took my workout outside this afternoon and it felt amazing.  Well, amazing in a gasping-for-air kind of way :)  It was a tough one!

I gathered my supplies and did a workout on my parents' deck.

I dug around and found my mom's old Jazzercise mat, my sister's iPod speakers, an old jump rope, and some 4-lb hand weights, plus my water bottle and the workouts I wrote down.

First I did a 13-minute jump rope interval workout, which also included push-ups, crunches, squats, plank, and high knees:

Wow.  It was TOUGH!  Jump-roping is no joke.  After the first 3 minutes of jumping rope, I never wanted to see another jump rope in my life.  I stuck it out, though, and made it through (taking a few short breaks to catch my breath as needed).

I also did a standing abs routine:

It was a good workout (and actually really tired out my shoulders, too) but the bad thing was that I couldn't find any instructions regarding how many reps to do for each set.  I just decided to do 15 reps on each side and did 3 sets.  I only had 4-lb weights instead of the recommended 5 - 10 lb dumbbells, and I could have used heavier weights for the side bends, but other than that 4 lbs were definitely enough for my shoulders!

Overall it was a great workout with a pretty nice view.  And it didn't take very long at all - definitely a plus.

Other highlights of the day:

Standard but delicious breakfast of 1/2 cup instant oats with 1 cup boiling water (I never make them on the stove - don't want to dirty up an extra dish - so I just pour boiling water on top of the oats and stir them up), plus a sliced banana, a spoonful of peanut butter, and cinnamon mixed in.  Coffee with almond milk and cinnamon on the side.

And 2 of my mom's vitamin D gummies for dessert :)

This evening I got to take my neighbors to Menchie's for fro-yo!!  Sooo yummy.  I had the strawberry banana, angel food cake, and island banana flavors, with some strawberries, raspberries, and pineapple on top.

Menchie's spoons are pretty much the cutest things I've ever seen.

And our fun family activity for the day was decorating hard-boiled eggs.

It took quite awhile because it was a 2-step process.  We dyed them a solid color first.

And then after they dried, we swirled them in a second color to get a tie-dye effect.

2 of my favorites!

The time was worth it, though - I think they turned out really well.  And I multi-tasked by working on a paper at the same time.  Fun!  Haha.

Hope you're having a good weekend!  Anyone else looking forward to the end of Lent tomorrow?  I'll be dreaming of chocolate tonight :)  See ya later!

Song of the day:

"Who's Laughing Now" by Jessie J, which is one of the songs on my current workout playlist.

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