Friday, April 27, 2012

Oops I Did It Again

I've been trying to really watch my spending lately, but I gave into temptation when I saw an amazing deal on Rue La La.  I have quite a weakness for good deals.  And online shopping.  And pretty things.  And bright colors.  You get the picture.

This huge box came for me the other day.  It was unnecessarily large, though - it contained these beauties:

Ah, my beloved Le Creuset bakeware.  A couple pieces closer to my dream of having a kitchen full of their gorgeous pieces.

The thing is, I definitely had buyer's remorse.  Even though it was a great deal and I had free shipping, I felt really guilty about buying them.

But then, something amazing happened.  Rue La La emailed me saying that the dimensions they had listed in the description were much larger than the dimensions of the actual dishes (which I had noticed and was disappointed about) and because of that, they were refunding all purchasers IN FULL.  What?!  So I got those dishes for free!  It was definitely my lucky day.

Part of the reason I had buyer's remorse was because I also bought something else that arrived the same day as my new dishes.

This one was actually a necessity, though.

Not quite as fun as my Le Creuset package, but I had been meaning to get a fire extinguisher since I moved into my apartment almost 2 years ago.  It only took seeing the building across from my apartment catch on fire recently to spur me to finally get one.

Usual happenings over here today - gym (cardio), studying, review session, more studying.  I did start out with an exceptionally good breakfast this morning.

I heated up some baked oatmeal with some almond milk, and then added fresh strawberries.  So, so good. The oatmeal is good on its own, but it was really delicious with milk and berries.

I think I could eat fruit all day long.  Last night I had an amazing bowl of strawberries and kiwis - so summery!  The warmer temperatures can come anytime now.

Tonight I'm going to take the time to make a real dinner!  Finally.  Enjoy the start of your weekend!

Song of the day:

"Sea of Love" by Cat Power.  It took me awhile to get into Cat Power, but this is one of my go-to quiet songs now.  (I've got soft, quiet songs on my mind due to all of the studying lately.)


  1. OMG that is so cool that you got these beauties for free!!

    1. I can't even believe it - sooo lucky! I'm taking it as a sign that I got a free pass on this one and will resist future unnecessary deals and impulse buys :)

  2. yay for free dishes! how awesome is that?! and yes, I feel guilty about new purchases ALL THE TIME...but then I try to remind myself that compared to my friends... I really rarely spend money on myself (Besides groceries and coffee OUT, which I try to limit).

    Shout out to you in my next post, by the way!


    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels so guilty about new purchases - I think most of my money probably goes to groceries, too. I've tried to cut back on buying coffee out, as well, but I just couldn't resist getting a cup of coffee at school pretty much every day. It was only $1, but it still adds up quickly!

      Ooh, a shout out?! That's awesome! I'm so excited!

      Thank you, happy weekend to you, too :) You're the best!