Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hoppy Easter

I know, that title is so clever - you don't have to tell me.

One of my favorite things about any holiday is decorating.

It just makes me happy to add festive touches around my apartment.

My neighbor decorated that little egg in the picture above for me - so cute.

And just in case I'm in the mood to blow some bubbles:

Oh, hi there.

The Easter Bunny stopped by my parents' house and dropped off some goodies for my sister and me :)

Happy Easter to those of you who are celebrating.  And for everyone else, I hope you're having a nice, relaxing Sunday!

Song of the day:

"Percussion Gun" by White Rabbits --> get it?  Rabbits?  Again, so clever.


  1. I love people with holiday spirit! Even though other people can sometimes be haters on the holiday cheer...I think it's fun to be excited about it + look forward to it... and I definitely think that it's people like you that get the rest of us pumped up!!! Contagious! I made cookies for Easter this year (for the Boy's family), and I bought flowers for my loved ones! I love your decorations.... and how adorable are those Easter Baskets!? hurrayyyyyy!

    1. Aw, you always leave such sweet comments - this totally made my day :) Cookies and flowers sound like perfection - I'm sure everyone really appreciates your thought and effort!