Monday, April 16, 2012

It's That Time of Year Again

Exam time :(

Good news:  3 weeks from today, I'll be on my way to Florida.  Bad news:  I have a final paper and 3 final exams to complete before then.

I turned in one final paper today, so at least that's one down.

Unfortunately, exam time means less time for fun things like trying new recipes.  But I did discover a new healthy dessert recently - a very quick and easy "frozen yogurt" of sorts.  All you have to do is put yogurt (I used Greek) in a bowl, add some honey (or your sweetener of choice), and some fresh fruit.

Then just mix everything up, and pop it in the freezer.  (That's the frozen part - tricky, right?  Haha.)  I like to put it in the freezer while I'm making my dinner, so that way when I'm ready for dessert, it's semi-frozen but still soft enough to eat with a spoon.

If it freezes solid, just let it sit out on the counter for a few minutes and it will soften up.  It would obviously be yummy without freezing it, too, but sometimes I like to trick myself into thinking I'm eating ice cream :)

I recently tried out one of the teas I got in NYC, called "read my lips" - it's mint chocolate!

Aaaaand there are actually tiny chocolate chips in the tea - can you see them?  How cute!

It's so purrrrty.

I used my handy dandy loose leaf tea holder that my parents got me for Christmas.

And put it in my favorite mug!

Perfection.  And an extremely healthy sweet "treat."

Don't be fooled, though, I've had plenty of Easter candy, too :)

I finally got around to putting together my own circuit workout, which I plan to try out tomorrow.  Hopefully it's a good one - if so, I'll post it here.  I also got around to cleaning my kitchen yesterday (it was in dire need - actually my whole apartment is, but I only had time to do the kitchen) and I took a bunch of pictures because I'm thinking of doing an apartment tour/ decorating-on-a-budget post (or multiple posts) if anyone is interested in that.  Let me know!

Despite having tons of work to do, I will still make time for 2 Broke Girls and Hart of Dixie tonight.  I just can't resist - they're too good to miss!  I'll try to multi-task, though.  We'll see how that goes :)

Hope everyone's having a great start to the week!

Song of the day:

"Long Legs" by The Magic Numbers.  I saw them in concert once and at first they seemed intimidating because they were all dressed in black and had tons of hair, but their music is so pretty and it was a really fun show - not scary at all, haha.


  1. 1) MMMm! That desert sounds great! I've heard of bloggies sticking Chobani greek yogurt in the freezer, but I have yet to try it!

    2) Would love to hear you post of decorating on a budget! My room is furniture placed "where it fits", and trying to find spaces for things to have it as out of the way as possible. There is no decoration in here at all (aside from the few frames, etc.) It needs help.

    3) yay for tea! I have a gift card to Teavana , but have never been there!

    4) good luck with the exams! keep breathing and keep swimming! all the best!

    1. Oh you have to try out Teavana soon! I love going to the store because they always have lots of teas to sample. And the people who work there are really knowledgeable and can help you create your own tea blends - it's a lot of fun. Thanks for the well wishes - can't wait for exams to be over!

  2. Davids Tea: Birthday Cake
    go out. find it.
    you will thank me.

    1. Ahh I just looked up David's Tea and apparently all of the stores are in Canada except for the one I went to while I was visiting NYC! But I see you can order tea online... definitely making a note - I want to try the birthday cake flavor!