Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Taming My Sweet Tooth

Happy hump day!

I haven't done a whole lot of cooking recently, but here are a few recent eats:

My lunch today was a sandwich made with whole wheat sandwich thins topped with hummus, shredded carrots, black beans, and a hard-boiled egg (random but tasty!), a green pepper and more hummus, and a pear.

Followed by a medjool date for dessert.  I love having something sweet after a meal - my mom used to pack me a dessert with every lunch when I was in school, and I would have dessert after dinner... and probably a dessert for an afternoon snack, too... oh adolescent metabolism!  Now I try to limit my desserts to once a day, ideally, so instead of grabbing a piece of candy or something after lunch, I find that having a medjool date is just as sweet and satisfying.  If you haven't eaten them before, try one out - they're deeeeee-licious!!

My afternoon snack was a piece of toasted whole wheat bread topped with almond butter (yummm), cinnamon. strawberries, grapes, and raisins.  Bread + nut butter is always a winner in my book.  I find that taking a little extra time to make a snack, rather than just grabbing a bag/ box of something, helps me to stick to a good portion rather than mindlessly snacking and eating past the point of being full.

My herbs are still growing (yay!), but some are doing better than others.  I hope they all hang in there!

I just watched this preview for a 4-part series on PBS about urban farming:

I'm so fascinated by urban farming and would love to be a part of something like that (despite barely being able to grow herbs, haha).  Baby steps, right?  I'm going to see if I can find PBS on my TV - I only have basic TV, no cable or anything, and it tends to be very finnicky - because I'd love to see the whole series.  Even that short clip was so inspiring - seeing a vibrant, lush garden in the middle of a decrepit cityscape is amazing.  And the message is really important:  in a nutshell, local over global, organic over chemical, and grassroots over industrial.

After the snow last night, I was afraid that I would have to scrape my car off on my way to the gym this morning (cardio day - elliptical and stationary bike).  Luckily the snow had already melted, but I am SO ready for some warmer weather.  Hopefully soon!  I really want to check out the farmer's market this weekend, but I'd rather not go in the snow, ya know?

Hope you're having a good week so far!

Song of the day:

"Brokenhearted" by Karmin.  This song is SO addicting - I keep listening to it over and over again.  It's on my workout playlist, too - lots of energy!


  1. Whaaa those foods look AMAZING! I cook all my foods and I'm sure they're healthy, but my laziness usually makes me cook the same thing over and over again lol

    Loved the blog!

    1. Hi Ly! I know what you mean - I'll make something over and over and over again, and then move on to something else. It just depends on what I'm in the mood for, and what ingredients I have on hand! And it's faster than figuring out new recipes all the time :) Thanks for reading - so glad you like it!