Monday, March 26, 2012

A la Mode-y

Whenever I hear the phrase "a la mode," I think about the scene in Little Miss Sunshine where Abigail Breslin's character orders waffles "a la mode-y."  Have you seen that movie?  If not, watch it ASAP - it's brilliant.

Last night I wanted something sweet, and I had an idea:  pancakes a la mode.  Except healthy.

I promise - actually healthy.  I heated up a leftover pancake from my brunch, topped it with banana "ice cream" (only 1 ingredient - a banana!), and heated up some natural peanut butter to pour on top.  I could have used some chocolate syrup, but the peanut butter still tasted good.  Definitely looking forward to the end of Lent.

This was basically the same thing I had for brunch, except I topped the pancake with a frozen banana rather than a sliced, fresh banana.  But it tasted decadent and was a truly satisfying dessert.  I have 3 more leftover pancakes in the fridge, and I see some repeats of this dessert in my near future.

I also made a batch of seed and raisin balls to have on hand for snacks throughout the week.

Very easy to make, and super tasty - they're pretty much as good as candy, in my opinion!

And I enjoyed a nice sunset after a mostly cloudy day, which was a treat.

Sorry if you're getting tired of the sunset pictures.  After living in 2 different basement apartments in DC for about a year and a half, I'm still relishing living above ground and being able to see the sun!

Btw, I'm loving the rowing machine.  I really can't believe it took me SO long to try it out.  This morning I followed my elliptical workout with 15 minutes on the rowing machine - 5 more minutes than I did last time!  I highly recommend trying it out if you haven't before.  I also watched some videos online about proper form and technique to make sure I knew how to use it correctly, which I would recommend doing for any new-to-you gym equipment (or ask a trainer if that's an option).

Hope everyone is having a good Monday.  A.k.a my favorite TV night - can't wait for 2 Broke Girls!  Still 2 more weeks until Hart of Dixie is new again :(

Reader question:  Do you ever eat breakfast for dessert?  Or for dinner?  Sometimes my mom used to make breakfast for dinner when I was growing up (usually waffles), and it was always a fun treat!

Song of the day:

"High Times" by Landon Pigg and the Turbo Fruits.  This is from the soundtrack for Whip It - another great movie which you should see ASAP if you haven't already.  Or just watch it again if you've already seen it :)  Landon acted in the movie and provided music for it.  Favorite lyric from this song:  "I think it's high time for me to give you kiss, if someone would cover for me we'll make it happen before the end of this riff."  Swoon.  I also love fan videos like this - hilarious yet helpful!


  1. 1) mmmmmmmmmmm that banana topped pancake looks amazing!!!! Esp the melty PB! I would have picked PB over choc. syrup for sure! But you know what is tragic?! I have never actually made banana soft serve. (I KNOW! What kind of blogger am I?! SOON! possibly this summer?)


    hugs and happy Tues! :)

    1. Oh you MUST try the banana soft serve - I cannot believe how much it tastes like ice cream. I'm pretty sure bananas are magical. Yay, glad you like the sunset pictures!! Happy Tuesday to you, too :)

  2. Replies
    1. It was pretty delicious - and so amazingly easy!