Thursday, February 23, 2012

Snack Attack

I'm a big snacker, and it's especially important for me to be able to pack snacks to take with me for long days on the go and at school.  I always keep a little container of raw nuts (almonds, pecans, hazelnuts, walnuts, etc.) in my bag, and if I know I'm going to be gone for awhile, I'll pack a granola bar, too.  I eat throughout the day to keep my energy up - and to stop my stomach from growling - and I would rather have something with me than be tempted by vending machines and other unhealthy options.  Plus, it's cheaper!

However, for awhile now I've been wanting to find something I could make myself to replace store-bought granola bars.  The ingredient lists of the granola bars I've always eaten are extremely long and disconcerting - I wanted a better option.  But for awhile, all of the recipes I came across had a lot of sugar or other ingredients I didn't want to add, and were pretty calorically dense.  Recently I was really excited to finally find a recipe I could use to replace my granola bars - seed and raisin balls.

There's only 4 ingredients:  sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, raisins, and sea salt.  And since seeds and raisins are generally less expensive than nuts and dates, it's a pretty budget-friendly recipe.  Tip - all of the ingredients can usually be found in the bulk bins at the grocery store, which makes them even more affordable!

Put all of the ingredients in the food processor.  

Turn on the food processor and let the mixture come together until if forms a sticky ball, which only takes about a minute.  

Then roll into balls - you can make them whatever size you want.  I got 23 balls out of the recipe.  Put them on a plate and into the refrigerator to chill.   

After they've chilled, I transfer them to a container with wax paper between the layers so they don't stick together, and store the container in the fridge.  There were 3 less before I went to bed last night - these things are delicious.  They taste like PB&J!  I'll usually grab 3 and put in a little baggie to take with me.  They're a great and healthy replacement for my store-bought granola bars.

My best friend is visiting her family this weekend, so I drove down to our hometown (about an hour south of where I live now) after my last class today.  I hit up the gym where my parents belong and did the week 2 workout again.  This one is tough, but I felt great afterwards.  My grandma is spending the night again, so I'm getting in some quality family bonding time tonight.  We're watching Big Bang Theory now - such a hilarious show.

What's your favorite snack to take with you on the go?

Song of the day:

"Raw Sugar" by Metric.  It just keeps getting better the more you listen to it.

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