Sunday, February 5, 2012

Third Time's the Charm

Hello and welcome to my first blog post! This is actually my third time creating a blog. The first, predictably, was a LiveJournal during high school. Growing up in the dawn of the internet meant that I jumped on the bandwagon and took part in (was obsessed with) chat rooms, AIM, and online blogging. My second time keeping a blog was during my time abroad in Paris. I am heartbroken that I accidentally deleted that blog in its entirety. I used a previous email address when I registered for that blog, and subsequently deleted my email account without realizing that, in doing so, I also deleted my blog (lovingly entitled "Passport to Paris" after Mary-Kate and Ashley's movie of the same name). Of course I had the grand idea of turning my blog and some of the pictures I took while abroad into a book and even started working on it, but I never finished :(

So let's hope this attempt is more successful! I don't have a specific focal point for this blog like I did while I was in Paris. Rather, I'm planning to use it as a creative outlet for myself. Since I'm in law school, a majority of my time is spent reading and doing work for school (and reading some more). I've been following a couple blogs for many years now, and recently started reading quite a few more. They span a variety of genres, but I've been enjoying "healthy living" blogs the most. As a stressful school schedule generally leads to some unhealthy lifestyle choices, it's been helpful for me to read about other blogger's daily lives and get inspiration from their eating styles and workout styles. So my blog will feature some things that I've picked up from other healthy living blogs, as well as some (hopefully) creative projects that I work on during my rare moments of free time.

For those of you who know me, it's no surprise that I have a HUGE sweet tooth. It's dangerous for me to keep any sweets around because I will invariably eat all of them in one sitting. So I was thrilled to discover an amazing solution to this predicament - soft-serve banana "ice cream." It's amazing because all you need is a banana, and it makes one serving at a time - perfect. Healthy and portion-controlled. I originally made it with just a frozen banana, and then started experimenting with a few add-ins.

It's so simple and yet SOOO satisfying - it really tastes like ice cream, I promise! All I did to make the delicious treat above was add a frozen banana to my food processor, about 2 T carob powder (you could also use cocoa powder), and a splash of almond milk while the food processor was running. One trick - I freeze my bananas unpeeled and whole, then break one into about four or five pieces before putting into the food processor.

I've also added peanut butter to the plain banana, as well as peanut butter + carob powder to the banana. If you use the banana by itself you shouldn't need to add any milk, but if you use other add-ins you'll need to use milk in order to get a smooth, creamy texture.

Thanks for reading, and let me know if you try out banana "ice cream" for yourself!


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