Friday, February 24, 2012

Grow Your Own 'Shrooms

For Christmas, I got my dad speakers for his iPhone.  Unfortunately, they didn't work with the 4GS, so I ordered him some new speakers.  Over a month later I still hadn't gotten them, and I ended up getting a refund.  Speakers were not in the cards, so I went in a different direction:

Grow your own 'shrooms!

Amaze your kids dads.  I can't wait to see how it works!  (Found this at Whole Foods.)

The shopping bug really did bite me last week because in addition to my mall finds and new earrings, I ordered a couple of things from Madewell.  I first discovered Madewell at Tyson's Corner in Virginia (my all-time favorite mall) while I was living in DC, and it was love at first site.  Madewell is owned by J. Crew and only has women's clothing.  I've visited stores in NYC and Columbus, too, but there aren't any close to my apartment in Cleveland Heights.

Luckily, both the shoes and shorts fit!  I've had my eye on those shoes for SUCH a long time now, and even had them in my online shopping cart a few times and then decided against getting them.  But this time they were on sale AND there was free shipping, and I couldn't resist any longer.  The shorts were on sale, too, and I really did need a new pair.  I love the cuffs and the dark wash.  Per usual, I already wore the boots and love them just as much as I thought I would.  If it weren't 40 degrees outside, I probably would have already worn the shorts, too!

I'm so bummed because this morning I overslept and missed the yoga class I was planning to take.  I absolutely love the teacher for the Friday Ashtanga yoga class at the gym where my parents belong and was really excited to take advantage of being in the area today, but alas, I turned off my alarm in my sleep and woke up 2 hours later than I wanted to. 

My activity consisted of walking around a craft show with my mom, grandma, and a family friend (then having lunch - not so active), and then trolling the mall with my friend who is in town from DC.  I only bought a fresh-squeezed juice (carrots, oranges, ginger) while I was there, though - I definitely didn't need anything after my prolonged shopping spree last week. 

I'm spending one more night with the family, then back to my place tomorrow.  Hope everyone's ready for the weekend!  Any fun plans?  Or any recent purchases/ splurges lately?

Just for fun, you should watch this video of Jennifer Aniston on Ellen; Jennifer is wearing an ear piece and Ellen is telling her what to say to an unsuspecting delivery guy.  (Ellen has also done this with other celebrities like David Beckham, Dennis Quaid, and Sofia Vergara - they are all SO hilarious!  Definitely check them out if you get a chance.)

Song of the day:

"The Cave" by Mumford & Sons.


  1. Oh I love mumford and sons. every song. seriously. Cute boots- btw!

    1. Glad to hear someone else likes Mumford & Sons so much, too! I am in love with those boots. I almost wanted to sleep next to them last night, haha. I probably would have if I hadn't already worn them outside :) Thanks for reading!

  2. I love the grow-your-own-mushroom idea!! That's really cool. I'd love to do that too..mushrooms are delicious but too expensive. Weird to say they are, but I have a tight budget. LOVE those shoes, too!!

    1. They really are expensive! I've been craving them so much lately and have added them to salads, wraps, pizza, quiche, scrambled eggs... anything I can think of, haha. But growing your own definitely seems more economical. Do you have any stores near you where you can buy things in bulk? I recently discovered a store called GFS that opened near me and it's kind of like a small version of Sam's Club or Costco but you don't need a membership (!), and I found a HUGE carton of sliced mushrooms for $3!

      I'm loving the shoes, too :) Thanks for reading!

  3. Haha! I love when Ellen does pranks on people.. :)

    1. Me too, she is so hilarious! Thanks for reading :)