Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy (Tween) Valentine's Day

So is everyone sick of all things pink, red, and chocolate yet?  I can never have enough pink or chocolate in my life, so it's all good with me!

My Valentine's Day decorations left over from undergrad care packages - those were the best!

My Valentine's cards - the star of the show being the Jonas Brothers card from my dad.  I have a not-so-secret crush on them, particularly Nick....  this is an old picture - he's not THAT young anymore!

And it's a poster!  Hahaha.

The best surprise!  I got this package from my BFF Maryam and it totally made my week!

She knows me SO well.  Look at all those goodies!!!  Dove dark chocolates, Reese's hearts (UH-mazing!!!!!!!), bubble gum, heart playing cards, a bath fizzie, a lollipop, and Baby Lips!  The Baby Lips smells like grapes and leaves such a pretty color on my lips.
Don'tcha think?
I started off the day with cardio at the gym.  Once again, I was the crazy girl unable to control her emotions on the elliptical....  This time it was a surprise marriage proposal on Good Morning America that made me tear up slightly.  Such a sap!

After the gym I made myself a fun treat:  iced coffee!  I made some coffee on Saturday when I had to be at school at 8AM, but it didn't all fit in my travel mug, so I put the rest in the fridge.

Put the chilled coffee in a glass, add some ice, and then pour in some almond milk.

Then admire the pretty swirling effect!

I added about 7 drops of liquid stevia (a plant-derived no-calorie sweetener), mixed it all up, added a pink straw for fun and festivity, and enjoyed my delicious beverage!  Even if there is snow on the ground and it's not exactly iced coffee weather.
I have to confess that I LOVE McDonald's iced coffee - a big part of that is because they use a lot of cream and sugar, so it's hard not to like it!  I think my version is just as good, and much healthier with almond milk and stevia instead of cream and sugar.

Hope everyone is having a great Valentine's Day and that you all got some special treats.  What's your favorite candy?  Mine used to be Reese's eggs (the peanut butter to chocolate ratio is perfect and not having any hard edges like a normal Reese's cup makes it so much tastier!), but now they make Reese's pumpkins, Christmas trees, and hearts, too - I couldn't ask for anything more.

Song of the Day:

"Your Arms Around Me" by Jens Lekman.  I discovered this song because it is on the soundtrack for Whip It - definitely one of my all-time favorite soundtracks.  (And a great movie!)

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