Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I Have A Confession to Make

I'm addicted to magazines.

I have a backlog of magazines on the bookshelf in my living room.

And another pile on the bookshelf in my bedroom....  See, I got one free subscription from my sister because she got a promotion with something she bought.  And then I had airline miles that were going to expire, and they weren't enough to really do anything with except get magazine subscriptions.  So I got a lot.  Oh, and I got a few from Groupon and/or LivingSocial.  And I never have enough time to read them.  Hence the hoarding problem. 

If you have lots of magazines, too, here's a little tip: I love to cut out the perfume samples and put them in my drawers and closets - they make my clothes and sheets/ towels smell good, and it's also a great way to see whether you really like a new scent if you're looking for a new one.

So today when I got home from school, my mailbox was bursting at the seams.  I have a pretty standard apartment-style mailbox, so it's not very big.  I can't believe the mailman was able to even get all of those magazines and the envelope in there today!

But I'm glad he did, because I got some earrings I ordered online recently.  I've been looking at JewelMint's jewelry since last year, but had yet to buy anything.  Usually all of the jewelry is 29.99 (with free shipping!) but I got a promo code for 70% off and couldn't resist getting a pair of earrings that I'd had my eye on for awhile.  

I'm a HUGE sucker for pretty packaging.  How fancy is that box and velvety bag?  I definitely felt like I paid more than $8.99 for that. 

Ta-da, new earrings!  They were designed by Rachel Bilson, which makes them even cooler, in my opinion.  I think she has such amazing style (plus she's on Hart of Dixie now, one of my favorite Monday night TV shows!). 

Rachel Bilson
While we're on the topic, I have another confession to make.  Sometimes I wait too long to do my dishes.

Make that way too long.

Whew.  Feels good to get that off my chest.

I'm going to watch Modern Family and do some stretching because I'm sore from the gym yesterday.  Not too sore, but enough to make me feel like I got a good workout in.  I did some cardio machines while I watched Live! with Kelly this morning, and they're broadcasting from Hawaii this week - it looks amazing!  I would love a tropical vacation right about now.  Hope you're all having a good night!  We're more than halfway through the week, yay!

Do you have any "confessions" to make?

Song of the day:

"My Body" by Young the Giant.  Very catchy and upbeat, and the band is not too shabby-looking.  Wouldn't mind seeing them in concert!

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