Monday, March 5, 2012

Mug for the Camera

Yesterday I worked on making some healthy snacks to take with me on my upcoming trip.  I have TONS of recipes bookmarked that I want to try out, so this gave me a chance to make a few of them.  First up:  carrot cake breakfast cookies from Angela at Oh She Glows. 

I subbed agave nectar for the maple syrup (because I had a new bottle that I hadn't tried out yet), but other than that I followed the recipe exactly.  I did have to let them bake a few minutes longer than the 14 - 15 minutes Angela suggested, though. 

Verdict?  Delicious!  I had one for taste-testing purposes, and then wrapped the rest up individually in plastic wrap and put them in a Ziploc bag in the freezer.  This way they should be fresh when I travel, and I can't eat them all up this week :)

This morning I went to the gym for cardio (elliptical and stairstepper) and then I went to school a little earlier than I normally do on Mondays to be on a panel of students who have had environmental jobs/ internships.  There were almost as many panelists as audience members, haha, but it was fun and I got a new mug as a "thank you" for being on the panel!

I've gotten my dad and my grandparents Case mugs as gifts, and now I'm really happy to have my very own!  <--- Nerd :)

I've got class until 7:30 tonight, and then I'm excited to head home and check out the stuffed peppers that are cooking in my crock pot right now.  Can't wait for an already-made warm meal and 2 Broke Girls!  Hart of Dixie is a rerun tonight :(  But that's probably best because I've got a ton of things to do this week.

Later gators!

Reader question:  Do you have a favorite mug?  I like to match my mug to my mood :)

Song of the day:

"Sadie & Andy" by Princeton. 

Photo credit:  Maryam, my bff and concert-going partner-in-crime
I got to see Princeton and 3 other bands at this awesome barn late last summer and it was so much fun and such a cool venue.


  1. mmm I love carrot cake! those breakfast cookies sound right up my alley!! I'll have to book mark this recipe!

    1. I definitely recommend the breakfast cookies, and the ingredient list is awesome! Thanks for reading :) I've actually made your signature tofu before (I discovered it on The Fitnessista) and it is so delicious!!