Friday, March 2, 2012


Happy Friday!

Hope everyone's weekend is off to a good start.  My day was full of running around.  I'm really lucky to not have classes on Fridays, and I'm not working this semester, so I like to use Fridays to get a lot of errands and things out of the way.

This morning I went to the gym for some cardio (elliptical and stationary bike), then showered and had a quick lunch before starting my errands.  My first stop was Whole Foods where I hit up the bulk bins and stocked up on some staples.

Clockwise from the top left: raw walnuts, nutritional yeast, raw sunflower seeds, golden raisins, raw pecans (my favorite nut right now), lentils, oat bran, pepitas (hulled pumpkin seeds), and sesame seeds.
The guy working at the cash register was really friendly and I learned that he was from Haiti, and he randomly asked me if I spoke French, so I got to use un peu of my rusty French!

Sipping this right now - delish!

2 of my favorite recent finds are this hummus and these whole wheat pitas.  They're both made locally in Cleveland, which is awesome, and they taste delicious.  The hummus is particularly amazing - it has a short list of good ingredients, just 33 calories per 2 tablespoons, and it's only $6 for this huge 32 ounce tub!

Next I stopped by the bank to get a roll of quarters (for laundry, fun).  Then it was my most fun stop of the day:  the salon for a haircut.  And a new look - bangs!

I haven't had bangs since middle school, so this was a pretty drastic change for me!  I hope I'll be able to make them look like my hairstylist did - it seems like no matter what I do, I can never make my hair look as good as it does after a fresh cut and style.

After the salon, it was on to Target and then my new favorite store, GFS.  It's like Costco or Sam's Club, except much smaller and you don't need a membership.  Even though it's kind of small, they've got a lot of great items at amazing prices. 

I'm loving these HUGE bags of spinach - this is the 3rd one I've bought in about a month or so.  (The fork is in the picture for size comparison.)  And it's only $5.49!  I've been using spinach in salads, scrambled eggs, quiche, and green smoothies.  Yum!  I also stocked up on a bunch of frozen fruit so I can make more smoothies in my new blender :)  I'm officially ready for warmer weather.

I'm off to fix something for dinner, clean up around here, and later I'm heading out to celebrate a friend's birthday.  Have a great night!

Have you found any great deals recently, or have any new favorite grocery store finds?

PS My goal is to change my background picture at the beginning of every month.  This month I put up a picture I took a few winters ago while I was up at my family's cabin in Michigan.  The lake was frozen over and people were ice-fishing on it - pretty cool!

Song of the day:

"Cat Claw" by The Kills.  The Kills is made up of Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince (famously, or infamously, married to Kate Moss).  Alison Mosshart is seriously the coolest girl ever; I got to see them live in DC and it was an amazing show.  She oozes sex appeal.  And rocks some sweet bangs :)

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