Sunday, March 4, 2012

Like Any Good Student...

... I took my laundry to do at my parents' house when I visited last night :)

 Now I've got clean clothes and all of my quarters are intact.  Nice.

Aaaaand I grabbed some leftovers on my way out.  I can't wait to have this amazing eggplant parmesan that our former neighbor made; it's unbelievably delicious. 

While I was driving back to my place, going north, might I add, I passed this uncovered boat being trailered.  Pretty sure it's not going to be boat season for a little while (just a hunch, seeing as how we were driving through snow and all). 

I drove by Trader Joe's on the way to my apartment (well practically, I just had to go 2 minutes out of my way), so I stopped in to re-stock some new favorites:  sunflower seed butter and almond butter. 

There's a Lululemon in the same shopping plaza as TJ's, and I made my first purchase there today.  I love that the shopping bags are reusable!  So handy!

I got a "bang buster" headband.  It looks purple in this picture but it's actually bright pink.  It was either white or pink, and I think I made the obvious choice.  While I was getting ready to work out yesterday, I realized that I needed to do something with my new bangs, and bobby pins and a flimsy headband weren't cutting it, so hopefully this will do the trick.  

There happened to be an Anthropologie in the same plaza, too, so I stopped in to browse... but I couldn't pass up this adorable owl.  It was only $3!  I kind of have a thing for owls. 

Good news:  some of my magazine subscriptions are starting to expire.  Bad news:  I just subscribed to a new magazine.  It was a LivingSocial deal, and I think it's pretty obvious by this point that I have trouble passing up a good deal.  I know I shouldn't have, but I was pretty excited to get my first issue today. 

 Along with my salad, I had a juicy plum with my lunch.

It tasted like summer.  If only...

I spent  a lot of time in the kitchen today baking and preparing food.  Next week is my spring break (woot!) and I'm going to DC and NYC.  Can't wait!!  I wanted to make some healthy snacks to take with me, and I've got a busy week ahead of me, so I did a lot of prep work today.  I'll post the food I made throughout this week.

Since I had a late lunch and taste-tested my snacks throughout the day, I wasn't very hungry for dinner, but I did whip up something pretty tasty.  I sauteed some bell peppers (red, orange, and yellow) and grape tomatoes in a bit of olive oil, then added 2 eggs (scrambled with rice milk, salt, and dried basil) and some spinach.  Quick and easy but delicious and satisfying. 

I had a good weekend but I'm kind of exhausted.  I need to finish up some things for school and hopefully head to bed early-ish. 

Anyone else have trouble resisting good deals like I do??

Song of the day:

"Swim" by Surfer Blood.  I got to see them in DC and it was a great show.  The lead singer is a prime example of how much hotter a guy can be by having an instrument and being on stage - it's miraculous, really.

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